Sue Brooks, E-RYT-500, Anusara-Inspired

Sue’s involvement with the aspects of physical movement and mental well-being started at a young age with participation in dance and evolved over time into aerobics and ballroom dancing. Her migration to yoga was a natural one where she immediately connected to Anusara yoga and its heart opening philosophy. She began her yoga training with certified Anusara yoga instructor, Vicki Beilharz, in the summer of 2004 when Vicki opened Woodlands Yoga. Then in 2006, Sue began teaching regular classes under Vicki’s mentorship and after two years of in depth studies and travels to various workshops and teacher trainings from world renown teachers, she earned the status of “Anusara-Inspired Yoga Instructor” along with her RYT500 ranking with Yoga Alliance.

She became owner of The Woodlands Yoga Studio in September 2012 and is dedicated to bringing good Hatha yoga to the community. She earned her E-RYT500 ranking with Yoga Alliance in 2014.  She currently teaches regular classes in each level, as well as workshops and specialty classes.   She loves a good vinyasa flow and will always encourage students to try more challenging aspects of their yoga.   Sue’s goals are multi faceted and loves to help people find their own internal beauty by developing their flexibility, build upon their strength, and connect to their inner energy pathways. She also places a strong emphasis on the body alignment, yet her classes are light hearted and uplifting.


Ann Dahn

Ann began practicing yoga in 1987 at the Yoga Institute in Houston. She moved to Spring in 1990 and shortly thereafter began studying Iyengar Yoga under John Friend and George Purvis. When John developed Anusara yoga, she began studying under one of his first teachers, Vicki Beilharz. For the past three years, she has been studying with Cynthia Hughes. Ann has been teaching at this studio since Vicki first opened it in 2004. She has been blessed with amazing instructors who have shared so much with her that she wants to in turn, pass on to others. Ann believes that yoga gives people (particularly women!) the strength, the power, and the grace to be physical in ways that they never believed possible of themselves. Her classes are conducted in such a manner that brings out the best of which her students are capable. Ann is also a dance instructor who loves music and loves to dance.


Kim Udell, RYT-200

Kim has been a lifelong participant in physical fitness. From gymnastics as a youth through aerobic exercise and weight training as an adult, Kim has always reaped the physical and emotional benefits of an active lifestyle. Kim began the practice of yoga in 2004 under the instruction of certified Anusara yoga teacher, Vicki Beilharz. After attending a few classes, she knew that yoga would be the next path to her physical, spiritual, and emotional journey. In 2008, she received certification in Hatha yoga through the Yoga Institute in Houston. She furthered her studies under the guidance of Anusara yoga instructors, Vicki Beilharz and Cynthia Hughes. In 2008, she began teaching and now she continues to cultivate her skills and practice. In her classes, Kim offers students the opportunity to grow in a deeper appreciation of their individual greatness through heart centered encouragement and a playful approach to each practice.


Liz Hofmann, E-RYT-200, RYT-500

Liz has been a practitioner of yoga since 2001 when she took her first class in Okinawa, Japan. She realized how wonderful yoga made her feel, even in the later stages of her pregnancy and immediately returned to the practice after her first child was born in 2002. Being a military wife, she recognized the great need for yoga in her daily life and realized that she could help others. A science teacher by trade, it was a natural progression for Liz to eventually decide to teach yoga at the urging of her instructor. She received her 200-hr RYT in Multi-style through the Yoga Alliance in April, 2007 and continued teaching locally in Chesapeake, Virginia. Upon her move to Corpus Christi, Texas, she quickly found the local yoga spots and eagerly began teaching and practicing. In 2009, she began her 200-hour Anusara Yoga Immersion/Teacher Training under then certified Anusara yoga instructor, Christina Sell. Christina’s light-hearted approach and humorous style immediately captivated Liz as did the beautiful and graceful practice of Anusara yoga. Ever the perpetual student, Liz continues to find inspiration from her teachers and attends regular workshops. She teaches with love, enthusiasm, and humor in her classes, and she shares her love of yoga throughout the local community.



Scott Kilpatrick, RYT-500

Scott is a Senior IT Systems Engineer by day and a certified RYT 500 teacher at night. Steeped in the knowledge of meditation, pranayama and yin yoga, Scott credits yoga and meditation as the secret to his career success. He considers the exploration of one’s own being to be the single most important aspect of life. Scott is a dedicated father, husband and yogi, and when time permits an avid kayaker and freelance writer.




Karen Henderson, E-RYT-200, RYT-500

I trust & believe in the Ashtanga Yoga System, it has a primal potency like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.  This system serves as the foundation of my teaching.  Ashtanga teacher, Ronald Steiner, describes the system exquisitely.  “Yoga is, what you don’t see.  The powerful movements of Ashtanga are only the exterior surface of an internal journey.  Ujjayi breathing is the foundation of vinyasa.  The alignment of the body in asana is achieved through bandha.  Dristi completes the trio & builds the bridge, to carry the essence of the practice from the mat to your daily life”. I have been blessed with many incredible teachers.  Starting many years ago (no dates, I’ll feel old) in Kona, Hawaii with Norman Allen.  He fueled the yoga fire & after returning to Texas I was fortunate to study with Jill Lampert,

Andrew Eppler, David Williams, Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Jill Miller, Ann Hyde, Doug & David Williams.

I completed my 200 RYT with Robert Boustany.  I am grateful to each of them for their generosity, patience & grace. As for me, very ordinary!  I’m in the fitness-biz, teaching boot-camps & spin but I’m not built like a body-builder.  I teach yoga & Pilates but I’m unable to bend myself in half.  I have a beautiful family, a husband and four boys (two-human & two-canine).  My yoga practice has served as a refuge from a world of running, cycling, tennis & volleyball.  The practice has created a space in my heart for acceptance & faith.  I enjoy teaching a vigorous, playful flow, allowing for a spectacular connection to a place of gratitude & love.


Felicia Meaux Ralph, RYT-200

Felicia was introduced to yoga in 2000 as a means of coping with work-related stress.  This ignited a passion to learn more about Yoga to restore balance in her own life, as well as, utilize Yoga as treatment in interventions in her Occupational Therapy practice.  She completed her 200 hour certification in Integral Yoga founded by Swami Satchidananda.  Integral yoga’s focus is on helping individuals return to their “natural condition”- this concept resonated with Felicia’s holistic approach to patient care.  She subsequently completed further training in Raja Yoga (200 hour), Prenatal and Kids Yoga; and Yoga Therapy.


Felicia strives to practice Yoga daily – on and off the mat.  Her Guru states, “Yoga is not just asanas.  Real Yoga is Sympathy… Compassion… Real Love”.  Felicia encourages clients to “work out Life on the mat” by utilizing the various paths of Yoga in a loving, non-judgmental environment.  She enjoys bringing her medical background to assist clients with modifications as needed in order to attain an easeful and peaceful practice.


Sylvia McCleary, RYT-200

Sylvia was introduced to yoga in 2004 and practiced for years on her own, enjoying the strength, flexibility and peace that it brought her.  She came to her first group class in 2011 and knew almost immediately that she wanted to become a yoga teacher and spread the love of yoga.  This was a natural extension to her abiding intererest in personal wellness and healthy living.  From a young age, Sylvia was interested in healthy cooking and eating, physical and spiritual fitness and living in harmony with our environment.  In 2014 Sylvia was finally ready to begin yoga teacher training.  She completed that training at Cherry Blossom Yoga with Sara Turk.  She is now a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  She teaches yoga with an emphasis on finding balance…  balance in your practice and balance in your life.


Silke Schiff, RYT-200

Silke began her yoga journey as a complement to her athletic endeavors as a triathlete. She quickly came to realize there was a bigger benefit to the practice than just the stretching and strengthening of the body.  She began studying and practicing under Doug Keller and Susan Van Nuys at The Health Advantage Yoga Studio in Herndon, Virginia in 2007.  In 2010 Silke earned her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate from the Kripalu School of Yoga in Stockbridge, MA, and has now taught over 1000 hours of classes in Northern Virginia. Her favorite style is a creative vinyasa class, with focus on proper alignment, and the cultivation of compassionate awareness.  Since moving to Spring, TX in 2015 Silke has enjoyed becoming a yoga student again, and is now looking forward to once again sharing her love of yoga by guiding classes for a new group of yogis!



 Janaki Mayhill, E-RYT-200

Having the fortune of being born into a yogic family, yoga is woven into the foundation of my life experiences and is deeply integrated into my lifestyle. I have been practicing many pathsof yoga; Hatha, Jnana, Karma, Bhakti and many more. I received my 200-hour RYT in 2008 and since then I have been teaching.  I now am a registered e-RYT-200 I am currently working towards my Professional Yoga Therapist certification with the Integrative Yoga Therapy program of Joseph LaPage. My passion is to help people awaken the teacher within them to heal themselves, and return to their true essence, which is inner peace.



Bobbie Satterfield, RYT-200

Bobbie began practicing yoga in the winter of 2000, having just completed treatment for breast cancer. Initially seeking to regain arm and shoulder mobility, she immediately connected with the heart-oriented spirit of Anusara yoga, as it provided her with the inner strength and serenity she sought to cope with the fear of cancer recurrence. As she continued to study and practice yoga, Bobbie began to realize the profound physical, mental, and spiritual benefits it offered. Her desire to share these benefits with other cancer survivors inspired her to become a teacher.

Having completed initial Teacher Training with certified Anusara yoga instructors, Betsey Downing and Vicki Beilharz, she is now immersed in training and working towards Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher status with certified Anusara yoga instructor, Cynthia Hughes. She began substitute teaching in 2007, taught a six-week Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors class in 2008, and has been teaching a regular weekly class for cancer survivors at Memorial Hermann Hospital for the past year.

Believing a class should also be fun and uplifting, Bobbie gently and clearly guides students through various yoga poses, encouraging them to go within to find their own inner strength and sense of peace. She is committed to teaching cancer survivors, those who may have chronic conditions, or anyone seeking to improve their strength and flexibility.


Lauren Leroy, DC

Lauren is a Chiropractic Doctor and owner of Springboard Chiropractic & Athletic Performance.   She was an All-American springboard diver at the University of Tennessee and upon graduating with a degree in Exercise Science, she went on to chiropractic school at Palmer in Davenport, Iowa where she specialized in sports enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation.   Her practice is located in the Woodlands Diving Academy gym where she also coaches.  Her passion is teaching patients and athletes how to treat themselves through injury prevention techniques.  Check out her fitness class called Core Balance which is held every Wednesday morning at 9am.  No studio or fitness center in The Woodlands has a class like this being taught by a Doctor!!!!  Come and gain from her expertise.



Lisa Clifford, RYT-500

Lisa believes in the invigorating power that yoga offers the mind, body and spirit.  Lisa began a consistent yoga practice in 2011 to improve overall health and also to improve flexibility for long distance running. While yoga was instrumental in improving her physical health, she found it also to be transformative in her personal and spiritual growth.  Lisa began to see that she could take what she learned on the mat and apply these lessons to her everyday life creating deeper compassion, balance and peace within herself and her connection to others.

With a desire to share her passion for yoga with others, she began training with Sara Turk at Cherry Blossom Yoga and completed a 200 hour certification course in August of 2013.  Lisa aspires to help students develop their full potential both on and off the mat while providing a safe and encouraging environment.  While not on the mat, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and their two daughters, watching Texas Longhorn football and running.


Clytie Ames, RYT-200 

I have been teaching yoga for 16 years.  I completed my first 200 hour Anusara teacher training in 2008, and have been heavily influenced by several wonderful Anusara teachers.  I have an extensive background in dance and  fitness.  Currently I am a student of Sianna Sherman and Swami Chetanananda.  I love teaching yoga because the practices have transformed me in so many ways mentally and emotionally, I strive to pay this forward to my students.  A typical class of mine includes creative play in asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, and mudra; since these areas of study have all been part of my magical yoga journey.

I am blessed to be in a beautiful partnership with my husband, Darren; and am a mother to four little humans who constantly teach me about true love.



Amanda Linkous, RYT-200

Amanda has been a student of yoga since 2003 when she took her first yoga class in Maui. She credits her practice for making her stronger physically and spiritually and wants to help others find their strength. Amanda completed her RYT 200 with Cat McCarthy in 2015 and continues to practice at The Woodlands Yoga Studio. In her other life she is an international flight attendant and one day wants to move to Amsterdam. “We were not put on this earth to see through one another, but to see one another through.” Author unknown.




Pamela Gideon, RYT-200

Pamela has had a love and talent for dance ever since she was little. She believes in the invigorating, heart mind connection of movement and what the amazing benefits yoga has to offer. Having found an aerobics class going into college she was hooked on movement and physical exercise.  She has taken classes at the Houston Ballet, and also adds a personal training, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle coaching background to her professional practice of Yoga.   After a near death experience in a storm, 12 years ago, it was here where Yoga found her, and the mind, body, heart and soul connection of Yoga.  She has studied under Raye Lynn Rath, Beth Reese, Bryan Kest, RoseAngela Silva, Bridget Shields, and the Deepak Chopra Center.  She explores  anusara, vinyasa,  ashtanga, restorative, classical and IYT.

Recently having traveled to the heart of India, she studied under the T.V.K. Desikichar lineage, and also taught yoga, meditation, and took ayervedic cooking classes, and chanting.  Pamela is currently writing her first book ,”Nourished, adventerous, and newlywed”, after taking a course from the Rice University’s creative writing course. “There was an amazing education taught, and this is what I inspire to teach:  Don’t move the way fear makes you move, move the way LOVE makes you move. Move the way JOY makes you move.” She currently teaches community yoga for runners, restorative and gentle yoga, nutrition and wellness workshops with aromatherapy, guided meditation for transformation, dance, art design, painting and photography. I am here to help you celebrate your life, heal, AND LOVE YOURSELF.



Tayler Gyug, RYT 200

Tayler is a sassy yogi known for her big earrings and focus on breath, presence, and self love in all her classes. She enjoys utilizes a variety of music styles to enhance each class she teaches.

Tayler began her yoga practice after a nearly fatal car wreck in 2012 that left her with no range of motion; She couldn’t even touch her toes! Tayler fell in love with yoga when she realized all the healing benefits, both mentally and physically, that every class offered. Nine months after her first yoga class, Tayler received her 200 hour RYT certification, and has since completed a PodHot training and a SUP yoga training led by Rachel Brathen. Her favorite parts about teaching are cultivating connections and helping her students accomplish things they never thought possible.



Janet Chavez

Janet is a passionate individual and mother of 2 little angels. Her love for life and helping others is the main reason why she always has a smile on her face. She is a certified Chopra Center Instructor for Primordial Sound Meditation (Carlsbad, California) as well as an active Interior Designer. Her intense training in meditation involves Deepak Chopra, Sri Sri, Roger Gabriel and many other renowned coaches and mentors. Her main goal is to touch one person at a time (especially kids), by sharing the powerful practice of meditation and mindfulness, allowing individuals to balance their bodies, reduce turbulence in their minds and connect to spirit, having as a result, union of Mind, Body and Spirit: ‘Yoga’

“I can’t wait to connect with you in the space of silence… beyond our minds and ego”